10 Worst Colleges for Free Speech 2017: Restricting Everything from Politics to Mental Health

Greg Lukianoff, President and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, wrote an essay this week announcing the 10 American campuses that FIRE considers to be the “worst of the worst” for freedom of speech.

According to Lukianoff,

…92 percent of American colleges still maintain speech codes that either clearly restrict—or could too easily be used to restrict—free speech. Students still find themselves corralled into absurdly-named “free speech zones,” taxed when they invite speakers deemed “controversial” by administrators, or even anonymously reported on by their fellow students when their speech is subjectively perceived to be “biased.”
The ten schools picked for the worst of the worst list is, in no particular order, is as follows:

Northern Michigan University

California State University, Los Angeles

Fordham University

University of Oregon

California State University, Long Beach

Harvard University

University of South Carolina

Williams College

Georgetown University

DePaul University

These schools are listed for offenses ranging from forbidding political messages written with sidewalk chalk (Depaul) to forbidding students to discuss their mental health issues with their peers (Northern Michigan). Lukianoff’s essay discusses each school in turn and is well worth reading in full.