Heterodox Academy to Students: Make Your School a Heterodox University

Students who would like to advance liberty and free expression on their campuses have an excellent ally in Heterodox Academy.

Jonathan Haidt and the other folks at Heterodox have put out a call to students who want to be involved in the movement for greater intellectual diversity on campus. They are launching an initiative to give students the tools needed to make a real impact on the issue. As Haidt put it on Heterodox Academy’s blog,

Heterodox Academy is…launching an initiative to empower students who want greater viewpoint diversity on campus. Working with students at several universities, we have drafted three short resolutions that you can use or modify as you please.


Make your school a “Heterodox University”

Heterodox Academy has created a starting point for students wishing to promote greater viewpoint diversity on their campus. Specifically they have put together a sample resolution allowing students to vote on becoming a “Heterodox University.”

If you would like to reduce political orthodoxy at your school, then please consider introducing a resolution to your student government to declare your school a “Heterodox University.”

This is a wonderful way for students to become participants in the intellectual life of the university and to take steps to foster and protect the abiding mission of the university: to make students think, even if that means making them occasionally uncomfortable.

You can find the resolution here, which includes a call to pass Chicago Principles statements and to improve viewpoint diversity on campus.