Varieties of Political Correctness

Inside Higher Ed recently published this interesting piece, which shows how faculty can be concerned that discourse be respectful and decent, but still oppose speech codes that proscribe and sanction the expression of opinions, even those which some find offensive. As the author, Jonathan Zimmerman puts it,

Every court that has examined these codes has found them unconstitutional. Speech codes make slur-spouting bigots into First Amendment martyrs. And they reinforce the real danger to free speech on campus, which is ideological rather than linguistic.

If a college bans racist statements, critics of affirmative action will be less likely to speak their minds lest they stand accused of racism themselves. If it bars sexist comments, anti-abortion voices will be constrained. And if homophobic speech is prohibited, faculty members and students who oppose same-sex marriage will be discouraged from sharing their point of view. That can’t be good for our colleges or even for the liberal causes that so many of us hold dear, which can only benefit from a full and complete debate.

Read the full article here: The Two Kinds of PC