There are many ways to bring ideas of open inquiry to campus in a way that invites and informs civil discussion of diverse ideas.

The Institute for Humane Studies supports campus educational events and programs to facilitate these discussions. Some common programs faculty have hosted with IHS include:

Hosting a Discussion Panel or Debate

To show open inquiry in action, IHS sponsors on-campus events that may serve as a model for open and civil discussion of competing, or even conflicting, ideas. IHS works with you to create a panel or debate that features noted experts openly and civilly disagreeing about topics of great social and political significance.

Inviting a Speaker to Campus

Bring a speaker to your campus to give a public lecture on the broad topic of free speech and intellectual diversity. Topics can range from discussions of journalism and the first amendment, to censorship and the arts, to issues of academic freedom.

Hosting a Reading Group or Discussion Colloquia

IHS also sponsors much smaller programs, such as small, faculty-led discussion colloquia for undergraduates or semester-long reading groups for faculty members. IHS can provide readings and other materials for such groups to discuss topics related to open inquiry, free speech, tolerance, and intellectual diversity.

If you are interested in hosting an event on your campus, or would like to learn more contact us.