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The Value And Limits of Academic Speech

Philosophical, Political, and Legal Perspectives

Free speech has been a historically volatile issue in higher education. The essays in this collection, The Value and Limits of Academic Speech, written by prominent philosophers, political scientists, sociologists, and legal scholars, examine the issues at the forefront of the crisis of free speech in higher education. The contributors address the broader historical, cultural, legal, and normative contexts of the current crisis, and take care to analyze the role of “due process” in protecting academic freedom and individuals accused of misconduct. Additionally, the volume is unique in that it advances practical remedies to campus censorship, as the editors and many of the contributors have participated in movements to remedy limitations on free speech and open inquiry. The Value and Limits of Academic Speech will educate academic professionals and informed citizens about the phenomenon of censorship and its implications for higher education and the republic.

Excerpts from "The Value and Limits of Academic Speech"